Emmanuel Viallet is currently acting as seismic risk and earthquake engineering expert for the whole EDF Group. After graduating as a mechanical engineer in 1990, he started working for Gaz de France R&D Department on LNG research and safety activities. Then he moved to EDF Engineering Division where he took over multiple positions in the field of structural mechanics, structural dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, civil and earthquake engineering.

Through this experience, he had the occasion to join multiple national and international engineering societies and organizations such as the French Association for Earthquake Engineering (member of the board, former president of the association from 2014 to 2018), OECD/NEA/CSNI/WGIAGE seismic engineering sub group (current vice-chairman of this sub-group) and IAEA/EESS (Chairman of the IAEA Workshop on Evaluation of PSHA results on the basis of observations in December 2018). He had also the opportunity to spend 3 years in China (2008-2011) for the construction of EPR NPP in Taishan (Guangdong province), in charge of the civil design of the whole plant, in close relation with CW construction activities.

Concerning SMiRT conferences and IASMiRT involvement, since his first participation in SMiRT 14 (Lyon 1997), E. Viallet has continuously been promoting the conferences and actively acting in the organization of them. He has been a member of the International Scientific Committee since 2005 and vice-chair of the ISC for SMiRT 25 (Charlotte 2019).