Member, IASMiRT Advisory Board
Senior Manager, Nuclear Power Department, Kajima Corporation, Japan

Born in Osaka, JAPAN, 1968.

Education: Master of Engineering (MEng), Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo in 1993, Major: Architecture specialized in “Seismic design for reinforced concrete buildings”.

Professional Experience: Structural design of actual NPP buildings for about 30 years. Seismic design and SPRA of Hamaoka NPP, Shimane NPP, Onagawa NPP and Kashiwazaki-Kariha NPP. Seismic simulation analyses of Kashiwazaki-Kariha NPP under Chuetu-oki EQ in 2007. Sever accident analyses of Fukushima Daiichi unit 3 &4 spent fuel pool during Fukushima Daiichi Accident. Structural design of severe accident facilities in Japan against external hazard including airplane crash.