Member, IASMiRT Advisory Board

University of Toronto, Canada

Daman K. Panesar, Ph.D., P.Eng. is a Professor with the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada. She received her BEng. (McMaster University), MASc. (Western University), and PhD. (McMaster University) in Canada. Panesar’s research activities are focused on the sustainability and durability of cement-based materials and structures. One broad objective of her research program is to advance concrete technologies and concrete composites aimed to extend service life of structures and infrastructure while reducing the environmental impacts, and improving the economic feasibility.  Her research outcomes are applied to underground, nuclear, transportation and building structures.

Prior to joining the University of Toronto, Dr. Panesar was a Design Engineer with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited where she was involved with: the construction and commissioning of CANDU reactors; evaluation and repair; and plant life management and life extension. She is Chair of Canadian Standard CSA-N287.5 (since 2010); Co-Chair Division 1- Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (since 2011); Member of the Research Management Committee of the India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships (since 2013); Member (expert and cluster convener) RILEM Technical Activities Committee (since 2018).  She also serves on the editorial board for Cement and Concrete Composites (since 2013), and the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (since 2018). Panesar has received honours including: P.L. Pratley Award (2007); Early Researcher Award by the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (2013-2018), and an Early Career Erwin Edward Hart Professorship (2016-2019) for her scholarship and exemplary graduate student mentorship.