Dr. Thambiayah (Nithy) Nitheanandan is a director of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). He served as the Director of the Engineering Design Assessment Division of the CNSC for four years, providing regulatory leadership and expertise in mechanical, metallurgical, fire protection and structural/civil engineering, and ageing management.

Before joining the CNSC, he led the Nuclear Safety Experiments branch of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories for 17 years and the Centre of Excellence on Safety, Security, and Risk Management for four years. He chaired the OECD/NEA Working Group on the Analysis and Management of Accidents for six years. He also led two international IAEA activities to produce technical documents.

Nithy is also an Industry Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. In this position, he supervises Ph. D. Students in the industry. His expertise is in steam-explosion studies, severe accident experiments, high-temperature heat transfer, pool boiling, reactor safety and thermal-hydraulics.