SMiRT 19 Conference19
Toronto, Canada
August 12-17, 2007

Officers and Advisory Board
International Scientific Committee


International Scientific Committee


  • M.K Ravindra, ABS Consulting, Inc.


  • Medhat Elgohary, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Abhinav Gupta, NC State University
  • Andrew J. Murphy, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

American Correspondents

  • George Antaki, Westinghouse Savnnah River Compary
  • Tarek S. Aziz, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Richard W. Barnes, ANRIC Corporation
  • Andrei Blahoianu, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  • Stephen Doctor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Greg Hardy, Tarek S. Aziz, ARES Corporation
  • Michael F. Hessheimer, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Randy J. James, ANATECH Corporation
  • Christine King, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Mike Kozluk, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Prabhu Kundurpi, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Joseph Lau, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Tim Leahy, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Robert Lojk, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  • Sanjeev Malushte, Bechtel Power Corporation
  • K. Linga Murty, NC State University
  • Michael E. Nitzel, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Sanjit K. Samaddar, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Paul Santamaura, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Ayman Saudy, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • Bob Tripathi, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission


  • Prabir C. Basu, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
  • Francisco Beltran, Ingenieria IDOM International, S.A.
  • Paolo Contri, European Commission – JRC
  • Ivo Dlouhy, Institute of Physics of Materials
  • Jianling Dong, INET, Tsinghua University
  • Keshab K. Dwivedy, Dominion Generation
  • Murthy Guddati, NC State University
  • Antonio R. Godoy, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Tadakuni Hakata, TH Consulting
  • Tae Jin, Korea Power Engineering Company
  • Victor Kostarev, CKTI-Vibroseism Company, Ltd.
  • H.S. Kushwaha, Bhabha Atomic Energy Research Center
  • Sylvain Leclercq, Electricite de France
  • Eric Mathet, AREVA Nuclear Power
  • Alain Millard, Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA)
  • Susumu Nakamura, Obayashi Corporation
  • Jeong-Moon Seo, Korea Atomic Energy Regulatory Board