SMiRT 18 Conference18
Beijing, China
August 7-12, 2005

Officers and Advisory Board
International Scientific Committee


Chairman’s Message

After traveling althernatively in Europe, America and Asia every other year for more than 30 years, SMiRT Conferences, for the first time, came to China. This great event coincided with a new epoch in Chinese nuclear industry. The significance is far beyond which it appears to be.

While “nuclear” is still associated with catastrophe or hazard, its increasingly important role has been gradually recognized by the public. Fifty years have passed since Eisenhower first put forward the concept of “atomic for peace.” With the passage of time, nuclear industry has been fulfilling its commitment to the blessing of human beings, alleviating energy shortages, offering access to those who are in need. Despite this, its development is not as what the optimists expect. The nuclear industry has experienced thorny times. The stagnancy, even the decline of the industry, is still fearful. However, as human beings have ushered into a new millennium, the concern about the sustainable developments of the environment we live in make us take a more rational look at nuclear energy. It is up to us to tap the potentials of nuclear energy.

The development of nuclear industry owes a lot to the scientists and engineers. Their pursuit of originality and innovation makes them never cease the efforts to create miracles. Their frontier work work gives birth to the novel ideas and new concepts which will shape the nuclear development of the future.

That is why we are in China, a country determined to give nuclear energy more shares in the energy mix and await nuclear economy. Based on the 700 abstracts submitted from more than 40 countries, the conference selected about 500 full papers from both academic institutes and industry. Presentations were organized into 13 divisions, 101 sessions and 2 workshops over a 5-day period which offering a forum for free discussion. In addition, three post-conference seminars were held in Shanghai, Chengdu and Vienna.

The time has presented opportunities to us. To be or not to be, that is a question, but in taming the shrew, we should have full confidence in ourselves.

As the ancient Silk Road opened a door to the west, SMiRT 18 drew scientists and engineers worldwide closer. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Beijing.

Yours sincerely,

Yu Signature

Suyuan YU
President of IASMiRT
Chairman of SMiRT 18