SMiRT 17 Conference17
Prague, Czech Republic
August 17-22, 2003

Conference Organization
Officers and Board  
International Scientific Committee


Executive and Organization Committee

The SMiRT 17 National Committees were formed to provide input from diverse cross-sections of the Czeck and Slovak Technical Universities, Institutes, industry and government. Several committees are responsible for implementation of specific components of the conference.

The Senior Advisory Board of SMiRT 17 consists of the represenatives of the Czech and Slovak Technical Universities, Industries, industry and government leaders. They gave much needed direction to make the conference relevant to its audience. Their willingness to lend support is evidence that nuclear energy is important to the Czech and Slovak Republics and the world and that SMiRT 17 will play a significant role in harnessing this energy.

SMiRT 17 Executive Committee

Stanislav Vejvoda, Brno University of Technology/Institute of Applied Mechanics, Ltd.

Vice Chairmen
Jiri Bruza, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Miroslav Kawalec, Czech Nuclear Society

Jiri Suchomel, Slovak Nuclear Society

Anna Blazkova, Stevenson & Association, Ltd
Jiri Brynda, SKODA JS, plc
Karel Dach, TERIS 2002, plc
Stanislav Holy, Czech Technical University in Prague
Jiri Kazelle, Brno University of Technology
Vladislav Kozak, Institute of Physics of Materials, Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic
Daniel Makovicka, Czech Technical University in Prague
Oldrich Matal, Brno University of Technology
Ladislav Pecinka, Nuclear Research Institute Rez, plc
Otto Schultz, VUJE Trnava, plc
Marta Valkova, Brno University of Technology

Organizing Committee

Karel Dach, TERIS 2002, plc

Jana Dachova, Karin Vejvodova, TERIS 2002, plc
Daniel Danis , VUJE Trnava, plc


Financial Committee

Marta Valkova, Brno University of Technology

Anna Sklenarova, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Ltd.
Frantisek Vdolecek, ASI club Brno
Otto Schultz, VUJE Trnava, plc

Social Program Committee

Karin Vejvodova

Mrs. Petra Kacerovska
Mrs. Vrbkova
Mrs. Kozakova