SMiRT 11 Conference11
Tokyo, Japan
August 18-23, 1991

Chair’s Message
Introductory Remarks
Conference Organization
LWR Challenges
Jaeger Remembrance

While maintaining the overall scope of the previous conferences, SMiRT 11 covered all aspects of engineering mechanics pertaining to mechanical and structural components and the relevant systems in nuclear fission or fusion reactors. Papers were distributed among 14 divisions as well as General Sessions and Conference Organization Papers.

Presented by

The Commission of the European Communities
Argonne National Laboratory

in cooperation with

Commonwealth Edison Company • Sargent & Lundy Engineers • Electric Power Research Institute • Franklin Research Center • Northwestern University • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission • U.S. Department of Energy • Electricité de France • Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique • Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung • D’Appolinia Consulting Engineers


American Academy of Mechanics • American Nuclear Society • American Society of Civil Engineers &bull American Society of Mechanical Engineers • Bechtel Power Corporation • British Nuclear Energy Society • Centro Internazionale delle Scienze Meccaniche • Gessellschaft für Reaktorsicherheit •Lawrence Livermore Laboratory • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Office of Naval Research