SMiRT 23 Conference
Manchester, UK
August 18-23, 2013

Chair’s Message
International Scientific Committee
Board of Directors and Advisory Board

International Scientific Committee (ISC)


  • Manus O’Donnell, EDF Energy, UK

Members and Division Coordinators

Division 1: Mechanics of Materials

  • Andrey Jivkov, University of Manchester, UK (EdF)
  • Daman Panesar, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Jingsong GUO, EDF Energy, UK

Division 2: Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity

  • Catrin Davies, Imperial College, UK
  • Elisabeth Keim, AREVA, Germany
  • Yun Jae Kim, Seoul University, Korea
  • Eric Mathet, ATMEA, France

Division 3: Applied Computations, Simulations and Animation

  • Van-Xuan Tran, EDF Energy, UK
  • Cheryl O’Brien, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
  • Keith Wright, Rolls Royce, UK

Division 4: Characterization of Loads

  • Peter Ford, Office for Nuclear Regulation, UK
  • Annie Kammerer, Bechtel Power Corporation, USA
  • Emmanual Viallet, EDF Group, France
  • Shin Morita, Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan

Division 5: Modeling, Testing and Response Analysis of Structures, Systems and Components

  • Colin Taylor, University of Bristol, UK
  • Susumu Nakamura, Institute of Applied Energy, Japan
  • Malcolm Goodwin, ABS Consulting Ltd, UK

Division 6: Design and Construction Issues

  • Ayman Saudy, Candu Energy, Canada
  • Sanj Malushte, Bechtel, USA

Division 7: Safety, Reliability, Risk and Margins

  • John Llambias, Risktec, UK
  • Seiichiro Fukushima, TEPSCO, Japan
  • Masoud Zadeh, Risk and Reliability Engineering, USA
  • Ravi Ravindra, MK Ravindra Consulting, USA

Division 8: Issues Related to Operations, Inspection and Maintenance

  • Russ Booler, ONR, UK
  • Steven Doctor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Division 9: Waste Management, Fuel Cycle Facilities and Decommissioning

  • Anthony Bamford, National Nuclear Laboratories, UK
  • Bhasker Tripathi, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA
  • Stephen McDuffie, Department of Energy, USA

Division 10: Challenges of New Reactors

  • Tim Abram, University of Manchester, UK
  • Libin SUN, Tsinghua University, China