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New Delhi, India
November 6-11, 2011

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Chairman’s Message

Sustained nuclear power generation faces new challenges today. The world has more than 450 operating plants that must continue to produce electricity at a competitive cost for extended period. While only one-third of the world’s nuclear power units are under operation in Asia today, the picture will be distinctively different in future. Asian region is poised to become a world leader in nuclear power development. Of the 56 units currently under construction in the world, about three-fourths are in Asia. Similarly, of the 94 units planned world over, 73 will be set up in Asia. This reaffirms that the Asia is leading the world in the growth of nuclear power generation. A developing Asia is expected to see the greatest increase in regional nuclear power generating capacity, accounting for 96% of the total projected growth. Under this backdrop, the Homi Bhabha National Institute is hosting 21st International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT 21) in India. The conference is co-sponsored by a number of Indian institutions from all facets of its enterprise: regulatory bodies, research centers, academic institutions, reactor component manufacturers, national laboratories, engineering and construction firms, nuclear utilities and national professional societies.

Closed fuel cycle enables realization of full energy potential of uranium, reduces amount of high level waste generation per unit of electricity generated and makes way for tapping vast global thorium reserves for energy generation. Development of safe structures for nuclear reactors and associated fuel cycle facilities through research and development is an ongoing activity and needs to be pursued with vigor to make commercial global deployment of closed fuel cycle a reality. Present conference will focus on all aspects of structural safety of such facilities under extreme internal and external scenarios which may arise during their life period.

The 21st Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology is dedicated to the Art, Science and Practice of the Structural Mechanics. The conference aims to cover all the technical and professional practice issues. It focuses on the contemporary and related issues affecting the Structural Mechanics profession worldwide. It also highlights the profession’s interface with the society by improving public image, standing & credibility of nuclear technology in general and structural mechanics in particular. All efforts are made to bring together the best and the brightest in the world of structural mechanics to meet and discuss the momentous issues in the profession. Beside 600 technical papers, there are six key note addresses, eight plenary lectures and twelve workshops on contemporary issues. Organizers express deep gratitude to the members of the International Scientific Committee for their assistance.

Present DVD contains all the full length papers of SMiRT 21 beside information on other special sessions. I am confident that all the delegates will acquire state-of-art knowledge related to structural safety through a galaxy of high class technical presentations during the conference. I wish them a blissful stay in New Delhi.

Chairman, SMiRT 21 Conference