SMiRT 15 Conference15
Seoul, South Korea
August 15-20, 1999

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Chairman’s Message

It is my great pleasure to host SMiRT 15 in Seoul during August 15-20, 1999. After a very successful SMiRT-14, it is time for the last SMiRT conference in the 20th century, SMiRT-15. Ever since the first SMiRT conference held in Berlin, 1971, SMiRT conferences have provided a forum for scientists and engineers, who deal with all aspects of engineering mechanics applicable to mechanical and structural components and systems in nuclear power generation, to discuss and exchange their ideas and concerns. With the effort of many scientists and engineers who have participated in the previous SMiRT conferences, great progress in technologies related to nuclear power generation has been made in the 20th century.

As we all embark on the new mellennium, I firmly believe that all engineers and scientists have to set their own perspecives and directions suited to the 21st century for mankind. SMiRT-15 is the last SMiRT conference held in the 20th century. It is my sincere hope that all technologies related to nuclear power generation developed in the 20th century are reviewed in SMiRT-15, and new directions for clean and safe nuclear energy are proposed for the 21st century through SMiRT-15.

After four years’ preparation, SMiRT-15 is now ready for you. First class facilities are provided for smooth presentation of your own ideas and concerns. Various technical programs as well as social programs have been arranged for all participants of SMiRT-15. For the most successful SMiRT conference in the 20th century, I need your active participation in SMiRT-15. Please join the conference and be ready for the new era – the 21st century.

I would like to express my special thanks to all members of the local organizations for their four years’ devotion for the preparation of SMiRT-15.

Sung Pil Chang
President of IASMiRT