SMiRT 15 Conference15
Seoul, South Korea
August 15-20, 1999

IASMiRT Officers
Conference Organizations
Sponsoring Organizations
Technical Program


Local Organization

SMiRT 15 is organized by Korean Nuclear Society in cooperation with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), Korea Earthquake Engineering Research Center (KEERC), and Safety and Structural Integrity Research Center (SAFE). Various Korean professional societies and institutes actively take part in organizing SMiRT 15.

Eleven major Korean industries and many other corporations are sponsoring SMiRT-15. The advisory committee provides counsel and guidance to other committees on various organizational matters. The supporting committee provides general financial support. The organizing committee coordinates and directs activities of other committees. The scientific committee and the executive committee are the main body of local organization responsible for conference organization, technical program development, editing and publication of the proceedings, support service and the financing of the conference.

All members in each committee devote themselves to organize a successful and enjoyable SMiRT conference.

Organizing Committee

Seong Yun Kim, Chairman
Jang Hee Hong, Vice Chairman
Byung-Koo Kim, Vice Chairman
Chul Ho Yun, Vice Chairman

Advisory Committee

KunMo Chung, Chairman


Chang Sun Kang
Se Jong Kim
Jang Moo Lee
Seung Tak Rho
Chang Hyo Kim
Sun Chang Kim
Un Chul Lee
Chong Hoon Rich
Kye Hwi Kim
Chang Kun Lee
Yong Kyu Lim

Supporting Committee

Yong Taek Park, Chairman
Jang Hee Hong, Secretary


Yang Woo Choe
Yoon Kyu Kim
Doo Chul Lee
Eun Rae Roh
Hun Chul Kim
Chang Bok Lee
Sang Kook Nam
Young Suk Yoon
Hyung Gook Kim
Chung Kook Lee
Sang Kee Park

Executive Committee

Sung Pil Chang, Chairman
Kye Hong Min, Vice Chairman
Kwang Un Kim, Vice Chairman
Young Seung Ham, Secretary


John K. Chung
Kun Joon Yoo
Duck Seung Kim
Young In Kim

Scientific Committee

Young Jin Kim, Chairman
Hyun Moo Koh, Vice Chairman


Young Ho Chin
Il Soon Hwang
Tae Ryong Kim
In Gyu Park
Sung Jin Song
Seung Hyun Yo
Rak In Chung
Tae Eun Jin
Jae Hun Lee
Yun Won Park
Bong Yoo
Chongyul Yoon
Young Soo Chung
Yang Hee Joe
Jong Seh Lee
Kyun Yul Suh
Kun Joong Yoo
Ki Bong Yoon


Hae Sung Lee, General Secretary
Chang Hee Kim, Secretary
Chang Kook Oh, Secretary
Hyun Sook Shin, Secretary