SMiRT 10 Conference10
Anaheim, CA, USA
August 22-27, 1989

International Scientific Committee
Conference Organization


Chairman’s Message

As in previous SMiRT Conferences, SMiRT 10 covers all aspects of engineering mechanics pertaining to mechanical and structural components and the relevant systems in nuclear reactors. Thus, the overall topical scope of the previous SMiRT Conferences is maintained.

A wide spectrum of subjects is covered, including theoretical developments in structural mechanics, loading conditions, behavior of materials, fluidmechanics, operating experience, accident sequences, and calculational procedures. As a result, problems of structural mechanics analysis are focused within the general context of the design, reliability, and safety of nuclear reactors. Operating plant performance and life extension, waste repository technology and regulatory research have been formalized as distinct Divisions.

The papers are theoretical or applied, or they address both of these aspects to demonstrate application of developed methods to solve specific design problems and show how well actual behavior correlates with theory. One of the major aims of all SMiRT Conferences is to bring about improved interaction between those developing the theoretical methods and those applying these methods to specific problems.

About 750 papers have been submitted for presentation during the 10th SMiRT Conference. These contributions are published in companion Volumes B through T of the Transactions. A complete index covering all SMiRT 10 contributions, a listing of all authors in alphabetical order and a compilation of frequently used abbreviations is includedin this Volume. Volume A is primarily devoted though to the Principal Division Lectures. These Lectures Provide a unique opportunity for interdivisional exchange. They are planned to be of interest, not only to the respective specialists of the SMiRT topical Divisions, but also to the wider public of all of the other disciplines.

From our small beginnings at SMiRT 1, a mature nuclear technology in structural mechanics evolved, due in large measure, to the dedication of all past and present participants at SMiRT Conferences. On the occasion of the 10th SMiRT Conference, it was therefore deemed appropriate to look back over the past two decades and document our collective contributions to the design, construction, reliability and safety of commercial nuclear power generating facilities. With this objective in mind, past and present Division coordinators were requested to collectively review the advances made within their respective Divisions during the total existence of the SMiRT Conferences and to prepare their Principal Division Lectures for presentation at the SMiRT 10 Conference. The results of their efforts are featured in this Volume. It should be fascinating reading, not only for those of us who were part of it, but also for those of us who will continue this experiment in international cooperation and free exchange of technical knowledge on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology.

A. H. Hadjian
Scientific & General Chairman
SMiRT-10 and President (1987-89)
International Association for Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology