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Chair’s Message
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Chairman’s Message

Purpose and Aim of the Conference

REACTOR TECHNOLOGY requires a synthesis of many skills. The rapid development of reactor technology has given rise to a multitude of problems in the area of STRUCTURAL MECHANICS, and the ability to solve these structural mechanics problems encountered is of vital importance for achieving economic, reliable and safe exploitation of nuclear power.

The unprecedented combination of mechanical and structural requirements posed by reactor technology are both a great challenge and a great stimulus to the field of structural mechanics which has thus been forced to develop rapidly, not only in the area of analysis coupled with complex laws of materials but also in the related disciplines of computer methods and quality control. Great advances have been made during the past decade; however, structural mechanics and related problems still pose severe difficulties in reactor technology.

At the same time, the solution of special problems of reactor technology provides one of today’s most important influxes of basic enrichment and inspiration in the general field of structural mechanics.

The purpose of performing International Conferences on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology is to bring together engineers and scientists who are actively engaged in solving structural mechanics problems in the field of reactor technology with fundamentalists in the general field of engineering mechanics to present and discuss applied and fundamental paper on structural mechanics problems in reactor technology.

The concept of the 3rd International Conference on STRUCTURAL MECHANICS IN REACTOR TECHNOLOGY, London, 1-5 September, 1975, is that of a meeting prepared for extensive discussions, facilitated by advance distribution of transactions of the papers to by presented to the registered conference participants.

A survey of the topical grouping of the transactions volumes is given on the next pages. The summaries of all papers to be presented at the 3rd SMIRT Conference are compiled in an accompanying Book of Summaries.

Berlin, June 1975



Thomas A. JAEGER

Scientific Chairman and Technical Program Chairman on the 3rd SMiRT Conference

c./o. Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung, Berlin